F The Art World

When : May 2017
Where : Unarthodox Gallery, Chelsea, New York
Application Deadline : March 31 2017
Application Fee : $32 USD

Unarthodox is calling on you, amateur and professional artists, designers to participate and win a chance to show your work to the world.   Submit  work that depicts a rebellious view of tradition, customs, religion, and politics. Share your visual expression and subjective interpretation.   Join Our Movement !   F The Art World is an International Art Competition where fine artists, photographers, digital artists, graphic designers, and sculptors compete for a chance to be exhibited in New York City for an entire week. Submitted artwork will NOT be judged on the technique and professional skill, but on the interpretation and depth of the subject matter. Although not required, it should relate to the country of submission.  

A winner in each category above will get the opportunity to exhibit their work in the group art show at the Unarthodox Gallery in Chelsea, New York City for an entire week! All other participants' artwork will be displayed in a large projection during the opening ceremony. All winners will also be announced in the Unarthodox social media accounts, newsletter and both local and international media channels.