The D’Aguilar Art Foundation, launched in 2008, is the culmination of Vincent D’Aguilar’s vision for Bahamian art. One of the most comprehensive privately held art collections in The Bahamas, the Foundation is an educational resource for artists, scholars, collectors, students and the general public. Operating out of a multi-functional exhibition, educational and archival space, we strive to involve members of the public in the ideas and discourse of Bahamian artists.  

Current Exhibition

wait. I saw something: An Interview with Heino Schmid

I visited Schmid’s studio late on a Thursday so that he could tell me these stories. He eventually presents me with a parable. “Honor the small things,” He says this carefully, choosing words with calculated reverence. “If you honor those smaller things, good things will come out of your work. Your life.” More Info »

Latest News

Artwork of the Week: "Junkanoo Cosmic Dancer" by Brent Malone

This week, we highlight the artwork of the late Brent Malone in preparation for our upcoming exhibition for Transforming Spaces, MUSE. Throughout his life's work, Malone drew inspiration from a select number of models that nourished his profound interest in the figure. In "Junkanoo Cosmic Dancer", Malone not only draws inspiration from the figure of the cowbellman - grounded in a shroud of Junkanoo garb - but also draws from the historic ritual of Junknaoo itself.

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Artwork of the Week: 'Here There is One Season' by Heino Schmid

All of the pieces shown in the our current exhibition, 'wait. I saw something.' emerge out of small narratives – and this sculpture is no exception. Here There is One Season represents a bouquet of flowers that are starting to wither away: the weight of the clay on the tip of wires form the heavy, lethargic movements a plant makes when it begins to lose its life. This piece is a response to Heino Schmid’s encounter with an abandoned bouquet at a police station (not being arrested, I am supposed to clarify) and the idea of letting nature melt into the man-made environment around us.

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Opportunities Bulletin

Visual Art Open Prize 2018

Where : Chester, UK

All artists both UK & International are invited to apply for the Visual Art Open Prize, to win cash prizes of £1,000, plus a solo exhibition, and mentoring package.

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The Hopper Prize

The Hopper Prize is a grant-making institution and exhibition platform offering a series of individual artist grants totaling $5,000.00 USD administered through an open call juried by leading curators.

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