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  • Artwork of the Week: 'Street Vendors' by Wilson Bigaud

    Wilson Bigaud's 'Street Vendors'  is one of many paintings by the Haitian artist that The Foundation was able to procure. This painting, as with most of Bigaud's work, depicts everyday life in Haiti - and does so with his characteristic use of bright color. His figure-work is reminiscent of statues: initially, Wilson Bigaud worked with clay before he began his career in painting. 'Street Vendors' is currently a part of the Caribbean section at the Foundation.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'Woman with Basket on Head' by Errol Allen

    One of Jamaica's most prolific fine artists, Errol Allen's work showcases his immense talent in mastering shadows, light, and color. This particular painting, 'Woman with Basket on head', emanates a softness that can only be a result of this masterful color work, and a dedication to perfecting the portrayal of the landscapes and people around him. 
  • Artwork In Gallery: "Woman of the Ocean" by Sofia Whitehead

    This photograph currently hangs in our ongoing exhibition, "Diversions", and is one of the works of Sofia Whitehead's that is featured in the show. 'Woman of the Ocean' evokes a stillness that is often found when connecting to the sea. Whitehead's genre of photography captures the ways in which her subjects distract themselves from the mundane, thereby showcasing both liberating and peaceful rituals of escape. 

    Diversions is currently open until November 17th, 2017.
  • Artwork of the Week: 'Moondance' by Eric Ellis

    A native of Steventon, Exuma, most of  Eric Ellis' work explores the familiar daily culture of our islands. 'Moondance' is no exception: it's intimate portrayal of the two Junkanoo Women reminds the viewer of the sacred practices of our people. Currently in  one of the collector's homes,this piece is one of the most prized in our collection. 
  • Artwork of the Week: 'Conjure Woman' by John Beadle

    Easily one of the most recognizable and requested pieces from our collection, John Beadle's 'Conjure Woman' calls upon the spirits of our ancestors. It was a prized possession of Vincent D'Aguilar, and up until recently hung reverently in both his and Marina's home. Currently, though, it is on display in the National Art Gallery's permanent exhibition, "Revisiting an Eye for the Tropics". "'Conjure Woman' is fully representative of Afro-Caribbean Art," Vincent said about the painting during a walk-thorough of his work in the 2003 NAGB Exhibition, "One Man's Vision".  "She is possessed with all the ingredients to make spirits come and go." 

  • 'My Dreams Are Not Your Dreams': A Video Installation Exhibition Opening Tonight

    Support The Island House's opening  "My Dreams Are Not Your Dreams", an exhibition featuring the work of regional artist David Gumbs, curated by our very own Tessa Whitehead.  Gumbs will be showcasing his work along with Deborah M. Carroll Anzinger, Spurgeonique Morley, Heino Schmid and Averia Wright. 

    The exhibiton will open tonight at 6 pm. 

  • Artwork in Gallery: 'The Junkanoo Young Couple' by Alessandro Sarno

    This photograph hangs in our current exhibition, "Diversions", and is one of the works of Alessandro Sarno's featured in the show. 'The Junkanoo Young Couple' captures the innocence behind the celebration; Sarno creates a softness surrounding his subjects that is not often showcased in photography of Junkanoo. A native of Italy, Sarno's "diversion" from everyday life is capturing Bahamian culture with photography itself.
  • Artwork of the Week: 'Tutu' by Woodrow Nash

    Currently in one of the Foundation collector's homes, this bust of a man is a striking representation of the 18th century Art Nouveau. It's long, undulating lines explores the natural form of the male physique, and the concept for this piece is greatly inspired by the 15th century Art Benin. 
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  • "A Meeting With The Master"

    Allan Wallace recounts his
    experience visiting the Sistine Chapel with Global Discovery Program, 2016

    Walking towards the
    door of Sistine Chapel felt like the end of a book for me. A new one began when
    I finally laid eyes on my greatest human inspiration in art. My heart was
    beating though my chest. It was so loud that my tour guide touched my arm and
    asked if I was OK. I wasn't OK.  I could hear my late grandfather saying
    to me with a smile.."You made it Chino"