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  • "A Meeting With The Master"

    Allan Wallace recounts his
    experience visiting the Sistine Chapel with Global Discovery Program, 2016

    Walking towards the
    door of Sistine Chapel felt like the end of a book for me. A new one began when
    I finally laid eyes on my greatest human inspiration in art. My heart was
    beating though my chest. It was so loud that my tour guide touched my arm and
    asked if I was OK. I wasn't OK.  I could hear my late grandfather saying
    to me with a smile.."You made it Chino"

  • Allan Wallace is awarded Global Discovery Program 2016

    Bahamian artist, Allan Wallace is the recipient of our 2016 Global Discovery Program, for which he will visit Rome, Italy. As an accomplished and very hardworking artist and mural painter, Allan was looking to be re-energized and inspired and what better way than to see the Sistine Chapel!  Congratulations Allan, we are very proud of you and your work!
  • Natalie Willis writes article about NOMAD of the Golden Hour

    The Bahamas Published: Nov 05, 2016 

    Art is often largely underestimated as a tool for education in schools. Outside of the use of art to illustrate a theme or provide a creative interpretation of a concept, the power of art as an inclusive and encompassing tool for understanding and looking at the world seems quite lost. Art opens up dialogue in such a vast catchment of topics in ways that other things just cannot, and in time for the ‘back to school’ rush, the photography of Greg Pesik, ‘Nomad of the Golden Hour’, currently on exhibit at the D’Aguilar Art Foundation (DAF) seeks to do just that — to open up the floor for encompassing all kinds of conversations about the world around us. 

    Currently accepting Art writing of all forms. Essays, reviews, stories and reviews. We will promote and archive it.

  • Popopstudios Junior Residency Prize has come to an end and it was a success!

    The POPOP Junior Residency Prize has officially come to an end. Stay tuned for the solo exhibitions by Nowé H. Harris-Smith Navarro Newtonand Keith Thompson to see the results of all of their hard work.
  • POPOPstudios Junior Residents Prize Winners to NEW YORK

    The D'Aguilar Art Foundation supports the Popop Junior Residents on a research trip to NYC to kick off their three month residency within POPOPstudios. During this week long trip, the artists see the major NYC museums: MOMA, MET, New Museum, Whitney, PS1; they travel outside of the city for a day at Dia:Beacon, and spend days exploring the smaller galleries and artist's studio in the Lower East Side. We had an incredible trip this year!

  • New Acquisition

    We are in love with our newly acquired work by Bahamian artist, Sue Bennett Williams. This drawing is a part of a much larger series and installation by the artist and her son, the talented Jason Bennett, and was exhibited at POPOPstudios during Transforming Spaces in March of this year. The installation, which includes ceramics, drawings and collage, offers a glimpse into the wild spaces that Jason and Sue love to spend time in. This detailed drawing on its sumptuously mottled surface appears as though it belongs back in the woods in Washington state.
  • Keith Thompson, Nowe Harris-Smith and Navarro Newton are awarded Popop Junior Residency Prize 2016

    We are delighted to introduce the recipients of the Popop Junior Residency Prize 2016. Congratulations Keith Thompson, Nowé H. Harris-Smith and Navarro Newton!

    The PJRP is a joint endeavor between Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts and the D'Aguiliar Art Foundation to provide emerging artists under 25 an opportunity for a studio space, support and research trip to New York.

  • Film Crew at The DAF

    The gallery was taken over by a film crew from Italy, making a film about Bahamian artists and of course including our very own Maxwell Taylor. 
  • New Acquisition

    We are delighted to acquire an Amos Ferguson to add to our collection.

    Although it is not dated, we think Amos painted it in the early 70's because of the delicate lines and awkward landscape perspective common in his work of that era. The painting depicts a surrey horse and cart, hauling a guide and two tourists up a hill while a lady cycles down the other side.

    Saskia lights up when she describes the painting, "I love this painting because of its boldness and confidence... the horse's legs are completely outstretched indicating its ascent up the hill, Amos's confidence describing such a complex scene is delightful. It makes me smile!"