Dames, Elkino

Elkino Dames (born 1983, Nassau, The Bahamas) found early success as an artist when he won a contest in 1994 by the U.S. Customs and Bahamian Government to design an anti-drug poster. Since then Dames has participated in numerous art exhibitions, worked as assistant curator at The Central Bank of The Bahamas,  and run a small art stand in downtown Nassau.  

Dames participated in his first exhibition in 2002 at the annual Central Bank of The Bahamas art competition and has had two honorable mentions and placed 2nd and 3rd at the annual event.  

After earning an Associates of Art Degree from The College of The Bahamas in 2008, Dames began teaching art at the L.W. Young Junior High School in Nassau.  He continues to inspire his students to reach new creative heights by encouraging them to attend a variety of art exhibitions, and by formulating challenging, non-traditional art assignments.

Dames' paintings depict images of local flora and fauna, sea-life and animated portraits.  His spirituality is evident in the celebratory depiction of his surroundings and many illustrations of angels.

In 2014, Dames had a solo exhibition at Hillside House, Nassau titled 'The Beauty of Maturity'. Also in 2014, he exhibited with Transforming Spaces 2014 at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. His work has been selected to exhibit in The D'Aguilar Art Foundation's inaugural exhibition and again in 'A Great Eye', a special selection of Vincent D'Aguilar's favourite works.